Who Am I?

Born and bought up in the “City of Dreams” – Mumbai, India. Deep in the corner of my heart, I love being called a “Townie” or “A Sobo Girl”. I recently moved to London and have fallen in love with this city as well. Reminds me of Mumbai in a lot of ways, it’s a fast-paced and a bustling city.

I am total, the same as how my zodiac describes. I am a total extrovert, loves talking about anything and everything even stupid in that case, lol, extremely social. I am restless and hate to have a boring life. If I had to choose one character from a movie that resembles me, I would choose Geet from the movie “Jab We Met”, she is high spirited, enthusiastic, charming in her way and most importantly she loves herself and her favorite, “Main Apni Favorite Hoo”.

I guess, possessing the above qualities helps me a lot when it comes to travel. My impromptu quality helps me to select a random destination and enjoy it thoroughly, my talkative nature helps me build new friendships and relationships easily, the social butterfly in me helps to stay connected.

Traveling always makes me happy, and so I decided to make it my career too. I love to make a memorable holiday for my clients. Seeing happy clients makes my day.

Blogging is my recent found hobby in this crucial time of pandemic to keep myself busy. Gradually, I have started loving it. Blogging is just a way to express my love and passion for travel. My aim is to keep it interactive, fun, casual while sharing the utmost information about the destination.

I hope I do justice in sharing the same with you all and keep you connected to travel.